Carpet Maintenance 101 [infographic]

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Here at Precision Carpet-Tile & Upholstery Cleaning, we want to help you keep your facility’s carpets in the best possible condition, and to do that, we offer expert carpet maintenance services. Below, we will go over a few things you should do in order to keep your carpets in great shape.

  • Routine Cleaning – The first key part of carpet maintenance is to keep your carpets clean. We recommend that you have your commercial carpets vacuumed daily to remove the dirt and other contaminants that get tracked into your building. Dirt particles will cause friction with the carpet fibers and cause them to wear out faster, so by removing these particles, you can extend the overall lifespan of the carpet.

Carpet Maintenance 101

  • Deep Cleaning – Another key step you should take in order to maintain your commercial carpets is to have them deep cleaned periodically—we recommend once every three to six months. Some dirt particles become trapped deep in the carpet fibers and can’t be removed by a standard vacuum, but our deep cleaning treatments use specially designed equipment to remove them and leave your carpets looking like new.
  • Disinfecting – We also recommend that you have your carpet (and your other surfaces) periodically disinfected to get rid of any bacteria and viruses that may be present. This will help cut down on the spread of disease within your facility and help keep your staff and customers safe and healthy.

If you have further questions about carpet maintenance or about our services, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you.