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Prevent further problems with our grout cleaning services.

If you’ve heard of tile cleaning, then you might have heard about grout cleaning as well. However, you may still wonder what exactly grout is, and more importantly, why you need it cleaned. You’ll typically find grout if you have tiled floors or walls. Grout is the mixture of water, sand, and cement that fills in the gaps between the tile pieces. After grout is applied, the mixture hardens, thus solidifying and securing the position of the tiles.

Grout Cleaning in Central Florida

Consider where you have grout in your residential home or commercial facility. The most common places for tiling are bathrooms and kitchens. Both of those rooms are exposed to a lot of water, which can potentially be damaging to the tiles and grout if you aren’t taking care of them. Because grout is porous, things like water, dirt, and soap can seep into the grout and allow mold and mildew to develop. Along with causing stains in the grout, mold can be dangerous to your health. However, proper cleaning and maintenance can help prevent problems with your grout, thus expanding its lifespan and saving you the headache of further damage.

Even though grout is so little and easy to forget, we want to keep your building is top condition. Over the years, our grout cleaning services have resulted in clean and sparkling grout for our customers in Central Florida, and we’ll continue to serve our customers for many more years to come. For more information about grout cleaning or our other cleaning services, contact us at Precision Carpet-Tile & Upholstery Cleaning today!